Plein air with Alexander Shanin

Vyborg 29.07 - 02.08

Friends, our first joint project with Alexander Shanin @ alexandr.shanin took place - a five-day outdoor plein air in Vyborg!

And Alexander briefly shared his impressions with us:

✍ I chose different motives. In each case, there were new challenges and features. This is architecture and architecture surrounded by nature, a panoramic view with water, a seascape, a landscape of northern nature with stones, a landscape with a fragmented composition. Each time I identified specific tasks. For example, people really enjoyed drawing a quick sketch of color and relationships without first drawing outlines. The plein air students learned to work faster, bolder, more precisely. I helped them reveal my strengths. We spent the entire fourth day in Mon Repos Park. We walked for a long time, had a picnic, and of course painted. We became good friends, communication, training and creativity were easy. We spent the last day at the castle. We walked around the museum and painted. And at sunset we climbed the tower to look at the city from above. We had a good hotel, with breakfast included (varied and large buffet) and a delicious, inexpensive lunch. So I think the open air in Vyborg should be repeated next summer.

👌 Great idea! We support! At events such as outdoor plein airs, people acquire the opportunity not only to get invaluable experience from hand to hand from the master. During such communication, a special atmosphere is created that contributes to the very purpose of the event, enhances opportunities and emotions. Moreover, when such interesting places, saturated with history and inspiration, are chosen as a venue.

👏 Alexander, thanks for the wonderful plein air!